Jules Chéret Framed Théâtrophone Poster c.1896, Vintage Colour Lithograph Print


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Image from “Les Maitre de L’Affiches.”  Poster advertising “Théâtrophone,” by Jules Chéret (French, 1836-1932).  Known as the “Father of the Poster,” as the first artist to work with lithography, influencing Toulouse-Lautrec and others, and a leading figure in the French Belle Époque style.  Chéret moved to London to work for Rimmel designing perfume packaging.  Rimmel financed the artist’s lithography studio in Paris.

As demonstrated by the glamorous “Chérette,” Théâtrophone was a popular service that allowed listeners to enjoy opera and theatre performances for a small fee over the telephone.  It began in Paris in 1890 and, by inserting a coin and listening through earphones, one could hear performances from the Paris Opera.  Its popularity spread to other cities, including London, but the system was eclipsed by the radio and thus ended in 1932.